Specialists in logistics and freight procurement

Transport at the right quality and right price

Freight plays a vital role in a company’s finances. So why pay more than necessary?

TopLogic are independent specialists in freight procurement. We take an integrated approach to company logistics and can help you find the right transport solution at the right quality and right price.


Our knowhow, your benefit.

TopLogic’s consultants are specialists in logistics, but our aim is always to find the optimum economic solution.

We maintain our lead by using sophisticated analysis tools and our own TopLogic method to ensure effective collaboration with customers and systematic freight procurement.

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For whom?

Lower costs appeal to everyone.

Is transport an important element in your budget? Are you looking for ways to improve profits?

Then you will naturally be interested in TopLogic’s knowhow and services.

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Working partnership based on the right tools.

A partnership with TopLogic involves finding the optimum solutions to a company’s transport needs in collaboration with our experienced consultants. This process is carried out methodically using sophisticated analysis tools.

Let us guide you through the process.

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Specialists in logistics and freight procurement

TopLogic are specialists in logistics and freight procurement. Since we began in 1992 we have helped a large number of freight purchasers across Europe to achieve effective logistics solutions and lower transport costs.

About us

Our goal is clear. As an unbiased, independent company we aim to help customers streamline their transport requirements, improve freight quality and achieve cost savings.

The advantages are clear:

For our customers

  • Access to TopLogic’s knowhow and system solutions
  • Support from 15 specialists with long experience in the industry
  • Access to TopLogic’s database of over 700 shippers and carriers
  • Comprehensive statistics on freight and economics
  • Standardised tools for procurement and inspection
  • Analysis and simulation opportunities
  • Centralisation of information

For transport service providers

  • Comprehensive statistics over actual transport flows
  • Comparison on equal terms as your competitors
  • Independent, unbiased evaluation of your offer

Our work is conducted by professional consultants and transport analysts right across Scandinavia. We have headquarters in both Sweden and Norway, but we are also represented in Denmark.




Fraktemballasje Ansatte i TopLogic
Our own method for tackling assignments.

Our partnership with you is built on two cornerstones.

  • A thoroughly proven dialogue between you – the customer – and us.
  • Sophisticated tools for summarising and analysing freight information

Our working approach has become known as the TopLogic method.


How do I know that I am paying the right price?
Invoice Control

For more than 20 years, TopLogic has been checking invoices and carried out freight analyzes based on those invoices, agreements and shipping data. Now a web-system is being launched, which enables the customer to work more efficiently with his transport invoices.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Faster control and deviation handling
  • Better overview of deals and optimization when multiple deals overlap
  • Possibility of automatic accounting and cost allocation
  • ABC analyzes on customers and products
  • New transportation patterns are captured quickly
  • Optimization of booking
  • Continuous shipping analysis
  • Reduces internal work
  • A comprehensive overview of transport across transporters and departments

For more information,
contact Peter Bäckstadi.

Tel: +46 (0)706 334 207
E-mail: peter.backstadi@toplogic.se

Peter Bäckstadi

Peter Bäckstadi

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