Consultants in Sweden
Toplogic - Ikon
Lennart Johnsson

+46 (0)705-14 09 21

Many years of experience in the transport/logistics industry, with overall operational responsibility for several departments. Joined TopLogic in 2005.

Toplogic - Ikon
Peter Bäckstadi

+46 (0)706-33 42 07

Graduate in business management and logistics with 25 years of experience in international transport, 10 of those with one of the world’s largest freight forwarding companies.

Toplogic - Ikon
Bertil Lundgren

+46 (0)768-50 78 28

Background in warehousing, logistics and industry, with responsibility for quality in production planning. Wide-ranging knowledge in many areas of industry.

Toplogic - Ikon
Peter Schlager

+46 (0)709-66 70 82

An analyst with 14 years’ experience of freight purchasing in all modes of transport worldwide.

Toplogic - Ikon
Göran Sjöquist

+46 (0)705-75 90 12

Long experience of international logistics, project management and IT at corporate level. Optimisation of centralised warehouses, customs warehouses and global logistics flow.

Toplogic - Ikon
Kjell Bergström

+46 (0)703-76 52 85

Broad experience in purchasing/logistics with the emphasis on transport and warehousing. Has experience as both a buyer and seller. Specialist in warehousing, warehouse optimisation and localisation.

Toplogic - Ikon
Janne Skillmo

+46 (0)708-92 75 21

An analyst with 18 years’ experience of freight procurement in all modes of transport worldwide.

Toplogic - Ikon
Per-Olof Altin

+46 (0)703-76 70 51

Transport & Logistics have been a continuing theme throughout a very active professional career. Previously held leading positions in a variety of companies. Strong academic background in business administration, focusing on logistics and materials handling.

Toplogic - Ikon
Hilja Heikkinen

+46 (0)705 284448

Extensive professional experience in logistics and shipping, much in the flight transport and customs.