Independent specialists reduce your freight costs.

TopLogic’s consultants are experienced, unbiased freight specialists. Using proven working methods and sophisticated analysis tools we can help you streamline your transport and reduce freight costs.

We examine your needs and procure services from potential transport service providers – side by side with you, the customer. We leave no stone unturned, we analyse the alternatives and present a complete solution that delivers optimum quality and economy.

Our results speak for themselves. Over the last 20 years we have helped to procure over 1,200 freight contracts in partnership with our customers. Over 95 per cent of our assignments have led to improved logistics and freight cost savings.

We are so confident of the outcome of our work that we base our charges entirely on results.



This is how TopLogic works:

Initial analysis

We discuss your current freight arrangements together, formulate a plan and agree on the future division of responsibilities.

Toplogic Customer
  • Issues instructions for gathering of freight data
  • Processes data
  • Presents a summary of the current situation
  • Gathers and hands over data
  • Approves description of current situation

Preparation of RFP

We evaluate the available transport options, specify your needs and prepare a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) for the relevant transport service providers.

Toplogic Customer
  • Evaluates alternative means of transport
  • Identifies potential transport service providers
  • Prepares detailed RFP
  • Distributes the RFP
  • Examines and approves RFP

Assessment of tenders

We receive and analyse the submitted tenders. Each tender is assessed and evaluated independently on the basis of quality and price.

Toplogic Customer
  • Receives tenders
  • Analyzes content of tenders
  • Presents a report on the responses
  • Receives and examines report

Initial selection

Initial selection is made on the basis of the tender report. The selected transport service providers are called to negotiations.

Toplogic Customer
  • Organises and calls to negotiations
  • Informs transport service providers that have not been selected
  • Chooses transport service providers


The customer examines the tenders and negotiates with the selected transport service providers.

Toplogic Customer
  • Assists customer with negotiations
  • Assesses final bids and presents final report
  • Negotiates with transport service providers
  • Receives final bids

Selection of transport service provider

Transport service providers’ final bids are evaluated together and the final selection is made.

Toplogic Customer
  • Provides support for decision
  • Chooses transport service provider

Final report

TopLogic summarises the process in a final report that is handed over to the customer as documentation of the work and the results.

Toplogic Customer
  • Summarises the process in a final report
  • Receives and examines the report
For whom?

Savings for all regular transport customers

TopLogic’s services are of interest to all companies and organisations that use transport regularly. The volume does not matter. Everyone wins by reducing transport costs.

Our customers include trading companies and industrial companies of all sizes, as well as authorities and organisations with regular freight requirements.

Here are a few examples

Businesses that use us: