New system gives customers possibility to control their invoices

TopLogic has an advanced system for freight analysis and invoice control. This is now open for TopLogic customers via the web.

Automatic checking of invoices
TopLogic customers can even validate and promote their invoices automatically inspected by TopLogic system.

Ongoing costs analysis
The service also includes a service from TopLogic that helps customers analyze discrepancies in invoices.

Optimization of booking
By analyzing the invoices we can also see if the customer uses the right carrier and product flow for their goods. This is an ongoing process that moves in line with new products and new customers and suppliers. Transportation is a big part of the retail trade cost, and it is a perishable commodity that is changing as products and product flows are optimized by the carriers.

Ongoing monitoring of the company’s shipping costs
– Our web tool allows us to have a close cooperation with the customer so that they save both internal and external costs, says Øistein Solberg, general manager at TopLogic AS.

Publisert: 25 February, 2014

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