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In addition to reduced costs, you also reduce time spent and give yourself more time to do what you are best at.

The Toplogic-Method

A step-by-step visualization of our working method

1. Analysis of current situation

Together we review the current shipping schedule and design a plan and responsibility allocation for the continuation.

2. Development of offers

We assess available transport options, clarify the needs and develop a detailed offer document for current carriers.

3. Processing of quote

We accept and analyze received offers. The offers are given an independent assessment and are judged by both quality and price.

4. First draft

With the offer report as a basis, a first selection is made. Selected carriers are called for negotiations.

5. Negotiations

The customer goes through the tenders and negotiates with selected carriers. TopLogic assists.

6. Choice of carrier

The carrier’s final bid is jointly assessed and the final choice is made.

7. Final report

TopLogic summarizes the process in a final report that is handed over to the customer as documentation of the work and the result.

No cure – No pay

We only charge for the positive results on the freight agreements, so you save on unsuccessful work.

Since 1992, we have helped customers across Europe with a total of over 1200 purchases of freight services and 95% of the assignments have resulted in improved logistics flow and lower costs.

If you do not save – if you do not pay, then you have also received confirmation that you have the best possible conditions on your freight agreements

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